Hard Drive Crashed?

We`ll we will recover your data faster than you can drink a cup of coffee!

We will help you recover data after accidental disk formatting,
or deleting files. After reinstalling the system on the wrong drive partition of the hard disk. We carry out hard disk drives repair and provide a guarantee for the work performed.

We recover data from hard drives and SSD drives of well-known brands:

Western Digital
Silicon Power

Why choose us?

Free diagnosis

We charge only for results.

Professional team

20 years of experience, we value our reputation

Promptly or urgently

Data recovery terms from 10 minutes to 5 days

We guarantee confidentiality

Your data is with us only until it is transferred to you.

Reasonable Price

Payment only for the amount of work done


We Love what we do ♥

If your media had files :

The events of life cannot be experienced again,
but the memory of them can be restored!

We are working hard for every bit of information!

4 easy steps for data recovery


Receiving the Drive

you can visit our office or send the device to us by delivery service


Drive Diagnostics

troubleshooting, cost negotiation and terms of order fulfillment


Wow, and magic!

data recovery, sending a report on the results of work performed


Results and payment

uploading the results to the cloud or to a new medium, storing a duplicate until the customer's acceptance is confirmed

Before starting  data recovery process, you can consult with us –

It’s FREE!

Do not try to recover data by yourself!
There is a chance to lose data irretrievably.
Data recovery is our business!


Drive malfunction diagnostics – IS FREE

Hard Disk Drive data recovery

HDD CapacityBase Cost from, UAH:Recoveries requiring Clean Room work to replace damaged mechanical parts, UAH:
up to 500 Gb25004500
from 500 Gb up to 1.5 Tb28005500
from 2 Tb up to 4 Tb36006500
from 5 Tb44008000

SSD (Solid State Drive) Data Recovery

SSD typeBase Cost from, UAH:“Chip Off” Recovery, UAH:
SATA 2.5” up to 240 Gb28005000
SATA 2.5” from 240 up to 500 Gb35006000
NVMe / M.2 / mSATA / PCIe6000based on diagnostic results

USB stick / Flash drives / Memory cards Data recovery

Drive capacityStandard USB Flash Drives, UAH:Monolithic flash drives and memory cards, UAH:
up to 32 Gb20004500
from 32 Gb up to 128 Gb30005000
from 128 Gb40008000

RAID array and Server systems Data Recovery

RAID LevelBase Cost from, UAH:
RAID 0, 1, 10, 0+12800
RAID 5 and others7000

Data recovery from non-defective media:

Based on diagnostic results depends drive capacityBase Cost from, UAH:
Reformatted File System / Deleted data1000

Phone or Tablet Data recovery:

Base Cost from, UAH:
The cost of services is formed individually based on diagnostic results

The cost of work may increase in the following cases:

Hard disk drive repair

The concept of hard drive repair means that all data on the failed HDD will be destroyed! This is because the disk surface check includes write and read tests of the entire surface.

We carry out paid repair of hard drives only if we are sure of the positive result, and we can provide a guarantee for the repaired drive.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the “reparability” of hard drives is about 5-7% of the total number of failed ones. Thus In the vast majority, repair of hard drives is impossible or impractical.

Payment & Delivery

Payment methods

Сash and non-cash. We are registered as a private entrepreneur of the 3rd group. We conclude an agreement with state-owned companies also.

Delivery in Kyiv

taxi services (Uklon, Bolt, Uber) any courier service

Domestic shipment

by Nova Poshta
Kyiv, #163 (M.Skrypnika str., 5), Гриценко Андрій, 067 755-38-45

International shipping

Kyiv, 03040, Hrytsenko Adrii, 067 755-38-45

Terms and Conditions

You only pay for the results you are satisfied with. Otherwise, you do not incur any financial costs.


After completing the order, we will definitely keep a duplicate of the recovered data until you make a backup copy of the recovered information at your place of use on an additional medium and notify us about it.


Order lead times are usually 2 to 5 business days. Urgent or emergency terms is available. The conditions of such orders are negotiated separately.

The data will not recover itself!

call us

We have helped recover data :

Customer Feedback

Дмитрий Беда
Дмитрий Беда
Дуже швидко та якісно відновили данні з старого ХДД. Рекомендую!
Michele J Rogers
Michele J Rogers
Not all heroes wear capes!!! Andrew was able to retrieve all the data from my portable hard drive after it was damaged, well completely stuffed, from a power surge. Got the dreaded click click spinny grinding noise..... If you in Kyiv, Andrew is your man for sata retrieval.
lola rei
lola rei
Пан Андрій просто чарівник, відновив всі важливі файли, фото та інформацію на зовнішньому жорсткому диску. Він майстер своєї справи, тож можете звертатись, не вагаючись. Не шукайте де дешевше, бо таку роботу треба довіряти лише спеціалісту і лише пану Андрію. Я дуже задоволена співпрацею, сервісом і гарним ставленням до клієнта! :)
Вероника Пильник
Вероника Пильник
Сдали в сервис жесткий диск. Починили на ура 🔥 Работает все замечательно. Спасибо мастеру!)))
Bohdan Okhrimenko
Bohdan Okhrimenko
Дуже якісний та швидкий сервіс! Проконсультували глубинно та розгорнуто!
Vlad Soloviov
Vlad Soloviov
Great service, totally recommend!
Олексій Рудич
Олексій Рудич
Дуже вдячний за відновлення даних із внутрішнього жорсткого диску. Була необхідна заміна блоку головок зчитування, але завдяки професіоналам з "Дата сервіс" все вдалося. Відновлено практично всі файли, які дуже важливі для мене. Раджу звертатися!
Oleksandr Tereshchenko
Oleksandr Tereshchenko
Рекомендую, кваліфікований сервіс високого рівня.
Lesia Yasnitska
Lesia Yasnitska
Була у відчаї коли мій зовнішній диск перестав працювати, а там дуже багато важливої інформації. Та коли звернулася Data Service , мені дуже зрозуміло все пояснили і допомагали. Усі дані відновили і зробили це дуже швидко і якісно. Та ще й порадили, які диски краще придбати у майбутньому. Тому робота, сервіс, спілкування, 5 зірочок✨

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