Data Recovery Pricing

Data recovery is a rather specific activity in terms of pricing. The final cost of services in each specific case depends on many factors:

  • on the type of drive malfunction and the level of complexity of work – first of all
  • on the volume and type of drive
  • on the amount of information that needs to be restored
  • how urgent is the order

Data recovery services Price list :

 Type of work performed: Price, UAH.:
Drive malfunction diagnostics

Is free

 Hard Disk Drive data recovery :  
HDD Capacity base Cost, from : Recoveries requiring Clean Room work to replace damaged mechanical parts:
 up to 500 Gb 2 000 UAH 3 500 UAH
 from 500 Gb up to 1.5 Tb 2 500 UAH 4 500 UAH
 from 2 Tb up to 4 Tb 3 600 UAH 5 500 UAH
 from 5 Tb 4 400 UAH 7 000 UAH
 SSD (Solid State Drive) Data Recovery  
 SSD type base Cost, from: “Chip Off” Recovery:
 SATA 2.5” capacity up to 240 Gb 2 800 UAH 5 000 UAH
 SATA 2.5” capacity from 240 up to 500 Gb 3 500 UAH 6 000 UAH
 NVMe / M.2 / mSATA / PCIe 6 000 UAH based on diagnostic results
 USB stick / Flash drives / Memory cards Data recovery  
Объем накопителя Standard USB Flash Drives: Monolithic flash drives and memory cards:
 up to 32 Gb 2 000 UAH 4 500 UAH
 from 32 up to 128 Gb 3 000 UAH 5 500 UAH
 from 128 и более Gb 4 000 UAH 8 000 UAH
 RAID array and Server systems Data Recovery  
 RAID Level base Cost, from:
 RAID 0, 1, 10, 0+1 2 800 UAH
 RAID 5 и др. 7 000 UAH

 Data recovery from non-defective media : 

 based on diagnostic results depends drive capacity base Cost, from :
 Reformatted File System 1 000 UAH
 Deleted data 1 000 UAH

 Phone or Tablet Data recovery :

 The cost of services is formed individually based on diagnostic results.  
 Available storage media – Hard Drives, SSD, Memory Cards:  


Price list link. 

HDD Repair.

The concept of hard disk repair clearly means that all data on a defective HDD will be destroyed! We carry out paid repair of hard drives only if we are sure of the result, and we provide a 2 Months warranty for the repaired drive. If from our point of view there is no confidence in the further trouble-free operation of the hard drive, we will repair the hard drive for free! In the future, this hard drive can be used for storing or transporting files of no value. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that HDD “maintainability” is about 15% of the total number of failures. Please consult with us in advance by phone or in writing.

Lead time.

Typically two to five business days. The cost of fulfilling an order urgently, within a day, is negotiated separately.


We accept payment in cash or bank transfer

Only the result that you are satisfied with is paid. Otherwise, you do not bear any financial costs.

After completing the order, we will definitely keep a duplicate of the recovered data until our client makes a backup copy of the recovered information at his place of use to an additional medium and informs us about it.